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SSJ Levels
Low Down on this Page is simple its the levels of super saiyan.

Normal Stat's- Your normal stats are on this level no enhancements until SSJ.

Super Saiyan Jin- First stage of SSJ powerful but has flaws. Speed and Strength is increased a little.

Super Saiyan Jin 2- Second form of SSJ speed and strength has increased greatly. Hair is a little longer.

Super Saiyan Jin 3- Third stage of SSJ speed and Strength and ability have all greatly increased from last form. Eyebrows Disappear / Burn away during transformation. Hair grows down to knees.

Super Saiyan Jin 4- Hair turns black eyes turn brownish in color. Grows Ape-ish hair all over their body that is a reddish purple color.

The following Levels are only able to be reached by Fusing with The Specific Sword for each level. The ssj5's sword is the spectral sword. Don't complain to me I don't come up with this stuff my friends do. THESE  LEVELS ARE NOT ON THE SERIES OR MOVIES SO YOU WONT SEE THEM ON ANY MOVIE OR EPISODES. IT IS ALL MADE UP!!!

Super Saiyan Jin 5- Thought to be real but is only a myth this level is not real. I have a picture of Kakkarot in this level but it is only a sketch. I have it in Pix.

Super Saiyan Jin 6- Also know as a Mega Super Saiyan. Hair is white with yellow highlights in a lightning pattern. To reach this level you must Fuse with the MECHNA sword.

Super Saiyan Jin ultima- Next step after Mega really powerful everything has changed from Mega, hair is actually White like the SSJ 5 But is shorter. All power has been Recharged and is increased many times the previous Level. To reach this level you must Fuse with the ULTIMA sword.

Omega Super Saiyan Jin - Hair is Black and has Blueish Lightning highlights also a Blue/Black aura surrounds body and acts as a powerful Shield against energy attacks. Power is enormously larger than Ultima. All stats are increased. To reach this level you must Fuse with the OMEGA sword.

Omega Omen Super Saiyan Jin- Final form of super saiyan all Powers are said to be unlimited, I Haven't had a reason to test this theory but I think it is true all attributes are the same as normal Omega but all stats are unlimited. Except the speed it has a limit. This is the level that you have to fuse with the OMEGA X sword. There is only two of these in the whole universe.

Newest super saiyan!!! Super Saiyan Ultimecia Omega- All Powers ARE unlimited even speed energy waves even VERY weak ones turn in to the most powerful thing you've ever seen. As soon as you go to this level you are in your ozaru form (the big ape) but you are smaller and much much  powerful and faster. I have been the only one that has seen this level of super saiyan. This level is VERY hard to control because of the enormity of the Powers. You must Fuse with the rarest blade ever. The Ultimecia saber. There is only one of these in the whole universe! And I have found it by the help of Grand Shawman KI(Shin Ti). It was in the center of the for quadrants. If you want me to show you this level well you'll have to find me. I will let you fuse with the saber then you must give it back in order for it to work.
You see I am the owner of the saber it will only obey me and if I want it to destroy you because your just a coward then so be it.
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