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Here ill have updates on different parts of my site ill tell you what and where each one is and ill tell you the date.
My site has been published making its first debut hope it turns out well. The whole site has been updated.
Today I have finally opened the AOL Instant Messenger for you to Instant message me. DO NOT ABUSE IT! Two new things in the Pix section so you might want to check that out. Also I have put a new page in my children. So check it out too.
I entered A few more animated gifs/the things on the tops of some of the pages that move... and also I put 2 new sites on 2 different Pages (My Hobbies) and my Children) and new web gems on contact me and the home page. Hope to give you a new update soon.
New page added called SSJ levels and also I have put the different levels in too. From SSJ to Omega Omen SSJ.
Im going to edit some pages and put different things on them. I will have many more things on the site but I have to get more input from you! So will you do that for me.
New E-mail Address you'll see it in Contact me.
it Uses again but this one is more for this site. Also I have a new page Credits. Gives credit where credit is due.
I NEED IDEAS PEOPLE!!! Please send me your input! Also if you ask for is ill put in a mail bag! Every time you E-mail me something I put it on there and then update it so please tell me if this sounds good.
I also have made a page that is for Pix that are about Kakkarot and the others so you might want to check that out! Called Misc. Pix.
I took out 2 pages and added a new one its the misc. Pix one well any ways it was the more stuff page and the.
Sorry everyone i havent updated in a l,ong time i just have been so busy with work and friends i put a few bits and peices in a few of the pages. i put in a now gif at the top of this page too!
 Side bar Added NOW has links to all the pages on this site!!! New look!!!Everythings nice and neat in the centered position.
2 new members to the rpg Maga and Nataku.Leaders of the mega and omega Squads.
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