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Just look down you'll see me and my mother and me and my master Shin Ti.

Me and my mother. When I was a child. I look like I just woke up don't I.

Shin TI is Shins (The Supreme Ki) Older brother. He has pledged his life to Training me. He is still teaching me the Negative Blast Attack that he has formed.

Me! The most powerful god/saiyan Mix. You can see that I DO look alot like my father Vegeta.

Bitmap ImageMe using my stronger version of the Negative Blast Attack. It turns everything into a negative  and increases my powers a whopping 100 fold. Knowing this technique will ensure you a win.

My son VetaGoh
He is 16 in this picture but that's in god years in human years he's 8

Super Saiyan 5 Goku JUST A SKETCH not real. The creator of Goku just sketched this for an Idea to continue the Dragon Ball series. Called Dragon ball AV.

Me at most of my forms I haven't put my ultima and omega / omega Omen
yes me in ssj 4 getting ready to study.This is when i cut my hair realy short.

 Bitmap ImageTHE old peps and the new ones

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