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My life
Here ill tell you everything that I can about me and my powers, weaknesses and attacks. I also will tell you how my mother and Vegeta got together.
I am alot older than you think I am! I'm.....29
Here's the low down My mother Spotted Vegeta one day and instantly fell in love with him.
Well the next day she stopped all of time and got him to um ya...and when they were done she told my father(Vegeta) to not tell anyone what they did. He agreed.
My powers potential are un known to even me. I have once gone to Omega Omen super saiyan jin. Which is currently the strongest ever. My Pix are of me in ssj2 but that's where I train that stage. i try to test my powers as ssj2 limits and go behond that i also strain my self at that level to reach the eventually reach the power (in the level of ssj2) of omega in super saiyan jin 2 then all my skills will be as powerful as the level 5 times above it.(that = very very very strong)
My weaknesses are girls. Not to much more to say about that.
I have found the three powerful Swords ultima, the Omega and the Omega X swords so I can Fuse with them and turn ultima or Omega. Just one thing about me and the Omega X Sword when I fuse with it I turn instantly to Ultimecia Omega (the most powerful level of super saiyan)
My attacks are numerous Negative energy attack,Kingblaster,Invisoattack, Kameshin,Gatling Blast, Final Beam and,
Solar beam. Just to name a few. Plus many more...youll have to Ask me personally to find them all out.
Special attack- Trump Card (I summon energy from everything and anything and form it into 3 Arrows and a bow I shoot the arrows faster than you can move the longer I practice the faster it becomes and strikes your chest and head nearly killing anyone in its way).
Not many can survive this devastating assault. Only Truly powerful people can live thru this.
I have learned more of the negative energy attack. And my trump card is alot more powerful. Now it can cause so much damage that it leaves you an inch from death. And when im in Omega Omen you have no chance of living. The Weakness to this attack is that it is that I can only use it in a minimum of Mega Super Saiyan Jin.

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